Dynalec Corporation is one of the USA’s leading manufacturers of shipboard systems for communication, navigation and switching.

Dynalec builds high-quality, standard and custom products for military and commercial use, including sound powered telephones.

Dynalec designs and manufactures equipment that will stand up to the rigors of the shipboard environment. All equipment is verified in Dynalec’s complete environmental test lab. Whether your production run is 10 or 10,000, Dynalec welcomes your product development challenges!


Manufacturer and distributors of a wide range of Aerospace/Shipbuilding products, including Moldable Epoxy Shim Material, Magnetic Rubber Inspection Material for Non Destructive Testing of ferrous parts, Flexible Replication materials for precision duplication and accurate dimensional and surface condition measurements, and fast-curing-worker-friendly Sealants for aircraft construction and repair.

King Nutronics

King Nutronics Corporation is the leader in pressure, temperature, torque, and force measurement for the Defence, Aircraft, Avionics, Petrochemical, and Utility industries. The accuracy and durability of its instruments, used daily in the punishing environments encountered by the United States Armed Forces, NASA, and other demanding clients worldwide, is legendary.

All products manufactured by King Nutronics Corporation undergo rigorous environmental testing. The portable instruments are housed in rugged aluminium and thermoplastic cases that are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to salt spray, moisture, dust, and other conditions frequently encountered in shipboard, submarine, hangar, and outdoor environments. Because King Nutronics understand that all customer applications are mission-critical, all King Nutronics instruments are designed for simple field maintenance and service, and include a comprehensive technical manual containing complete troubleshooting and repair instructions, and an illustrated parts breakdown.

King Nutronics Corporation also knows that its customers don’t have time to decode a bewildering array of bells and whistles that adorn many of the products of our competitors. That is why the operation of its instruments is kept simple, which shortens the learning curve for new operators and prevents errors and confusion when every second counts.

King Nutronics 21,000 square-foot headquarters and manufacturing facility in Woodland Hills, California, houses an environmentally-controlled calibration laboratory conforming to the applicable requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 17025:2005, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and in compliance with ISO 10012.


Fuel and Utility Systems:
Goodrich Fuel and Utility Systems (Simmonds Precision Products) has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high quality fuel measurement and management systems. As the world’s leading manufacturer of sophisticated fuel measurement systems, Goodrich has pioneered many of the world’s major fuel measurement and management innovations.

Goodrich manufacture, maintain, service and recalibrate their reliable test and measurement test equipment.

Aero & Military Products Pty Ltd are supporting Defence customers only.


Motion Controls:

Simmonds Precision Motion Controls (SPMC) provide electromechanical flight control actuators and control actuation systems for all types of vehicles found in the aerospace industry; from military and commercial aircraft to helicopters, missiles and RPV’s. SMPC actuators are used in primary, secondary, and utility control applications. Simmonds custom designs and manufactures a broad range of products, and all are fabricated to meet customer performance specifications, delivery schedules and cost targets, and represent the most advance state of the art in actuation technology.

Aero & Military Products Pty Ltd are supporting Defence customers only
Hoffman Engineering

Hoffman Engineering was founded in 1955 by J. Gordon Hoffman. The initial charter of the company called for it to support the photometric needs of the aircraft panel and instrument manufacturers. Many of these small manufacturers were located in the Northeastern United States. At that time color and luminance requirements were becoming more strict and these companies did not have the equipment necessary to measure their performance. Mr. Hoffman recognized that need and sought to fill it by performing photometric tests in his NBS traceable laboratory. In addition, he designed test equipment for sale to larger aerospace companies.

The Hoffman Engineering laboratory business grew with the aerospace industry in the United States. The scope of the business grew to include spectral testing, calibration of lamps and standards, and repair and calibration of photometric equipment. Hoffman Engineering became the recognized leader in the testing of aerospace-related lighting equipment. Tests were performed on aerospace, ground support, shipboard, space-related and other higher technology lighted devices.

It was perhaps inevitable that Hoffman Engineering would become involved in both the testing of and evaluation of night vision equipment. From the time night vision equipment was introduced into aerospace cockpits, Hoffman was asked to perform tests on panels, indicators and aircraft instruments. It was also inevitable that Hoffman’s knowledge of accurate light sources would move the image tube manufactures to ask  to design image tube test equipment. Many image tube tests, such as gain, resolution and EBI, are performed using a light source as a basis for the test. Once again, Hoffman's knowledge of integrating spheres and techniques for holding light sources at constant lamp color temperatures became the basis for much of this test equipment design.


Over 35 years Keytronics® has developed into a recognized and respected manufacturer of high quality magnetic components and electronic equipment.
In the component area, products designed and manufactured include a wide variety of:

  • Power Transformers
  • Charging Chokes
  • Reactors
  • Magnetic Amplifiers
  • Transformers
  • Radar
  • SCR. Telephone Coupling
  • Switching
  • Isolation
  • Ferro Resonant
  • Current
  • Saturable Electronic equipment manufactured includes power supplies, battery chargers, power converters, hot blade rope cutters and a wide variety of special purpose electronic assemblies including capacitor modules and medical electronics.


For over half a century, LC Doane lighting has withstood the worst environments and toughest abuse on board naval vessels. In fact, they’re so good at manufacturing quality heavy-duty fixtures that they’ve set the standards for today's submarine and surface ship lighting. Now making tough, reliable lights for demanding marine, industrial, correctional and institutional use--and setting new records in durability. Whether they're from the regular line or specially designed, LC Doane products go through rigorous testing for shock, vibration, closure, noise and other conditions.

As a total product manufacturer from Fabrication through Finish Assembly, LC Doane controls the entire process of creating solutions to your lighting problems. Working in cold rolled steel, aluminum or stainless steel, LC Doane uses the latest in welding methods of Gas Tungsten Arc with Pulse Arc Fusion, which produces the cleanest, most consistent welds possible on all seams. After fabrication, all parts are painted in your choice of polyester powder or baked enamel, thus ensuring smooth edges and a high-quality, long-lasting light fixture.

LC Doane specialties include emergency lighting, low voltage AC/DC, 220 volt 50 Hertz operation, UL595/1570, marine fixtures and security lighting. LC Doane also have expertise in electromagnetic interference suppression, high temperature operation, low temperature operation, non-magnetic and 400 Hertz installations.


Nexans is specialist defence supplier, with a proven track record of supply to major defence projects globally. Meeting the strict standards and specifications required, Nexans cables can be manufactured to true AO14000, VG, MIL-SPEC, and other specialized military applications.

Nexans, having purchased Olex Cables can provide a complete range of specialized cables for the Australian defence and aerospace market. Used in various applications (airborne, on the ground and underwater), Nexans has developed expertise and experience in a very specialized market.

Aero & Military Products P/L have been distributing Nexans cables in Australia for many years, and are proud to also act as Olex’s defence distributor within Australia.

Penta Laboratories

Penta Laboratories was founded in 1951, and quickly achieved industry-wide recognition for the development of the beam-power Pentode vacuum tube. In 1973 the firm was acquired by The Raytheon Corporation, and has ultimately become a wholly owned subsidiary of Penta Financial, Inc.

Today, on the dawn of the 21st Century, Penta Laboratories is a world class manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of electron tubes, especially vacuum tubes. Our product line covers broadcast, industrial, research, military, medical and high end audio applications. We have over 8,000 stocking part numbers and an inventory far in excess of a million vacuum tubes. The firm is especially well positioned in the manufacturing of ceramic/metal vacuum tubes, triodes and tetrodes - a Penta specialty. Because of exceptionally high volumes in these key lines, Penta is uniquely positioned to support them with very competitive pricing.

Penta's facility is ISO 9001:2000 Certified. Our ultra-efficient state-or-the-art manufacturing operations and quality control procedures include testing to Mil Standard 1311B. In addition to its U.S. headquarters, Penta has affiliated manufacturing entities in Europe and Asia.